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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of system do you use?
We use a very high powered van mounted machine. The machine stays in the van and we run long hoses into your premises with various cleaning tools attached.
How long does the carpet take to dry?
Typically between 2-6 hours depending on material and humidity conditions. The machine has a massive vacuum which is 10 times that of a rental or domestic machine which minimises drying times and means you can get back to normal nice and quickly.
How long before I can walk on the carpets?
The carpets will be very slightly damp when we`ve finished but are absolutely fine to walk over.
Can you remove every Stain?
We’d like to say yes but some stains can be permanent depending on the material.

Man-made, polypropylene carpets are very stain resistant and nearly every stain can be removed.

Nylon and wool carpets can sometimes stain permanently.

We have the most powerful stain reducing agents available and we are fully trained in stain removal techniques and will try everything we can to improve any nasty stains for you.
Do I have to move all my furniture?
No, we just ask that you move any small items of furniture and bric-a-brac and the larger items like sofas and armchairs, we move around and replace as we work.

Any furniture we move that has wooden or metal feet will have protective foil tabs that we place underneath to stop any marking on the freshly cleaned carpet.

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